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This week, instead of choosing one photo, I’m posting a series on winter’s wallop on the Ottawa area.  Residents of Canada’s Capital are used to a good dose of winter.  They even celebrate it in an annual festival known as Winterlude.  But seriously?  Extreme cold warnings and a one-day record snowfall all in the space of one week?  It happened.

The warnings of the potential for frostbite in under a minute were no joke.  When I took the photo above last weekend, it was -45° C, with the wind chill.  My fingers started to feel numb after about 10 camera clicks and I had to get back into the car.

A couple of days later, it snowed….and snowed – – 51 centimetres (20 inches) all in one day.

Ottawa Snowstorm 2016

Ottawa Snowstorm 2016


It was the kind of snowfall where you have to start digging out before it’s over.

But just as the city was getting back to normal, it snowed again.


Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

East Block, Snowstorm 2016

East Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

St. Andrew's Church, Ottawa Snowstorm 2016

St. Andrew’s Church, Ottawa

Confederation Park, Ottawa Snowstorm 2016

Confederation Park, Ottawa

Nonetheless, Ottawa area residents are a resilient bunch when it comes to winter.  And visitors shouldn’t be deterred by the weather either.  Winter is celebrated by skating on the world’s largest skating rink, the Rideau Canal Skateway.  With all the snow, sports enthusiasts are excited about cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in nearby Gatineau Park.

And you have to admit, it is pretty.  Seriously.

Rideau Canal Skateway 2016

Rideau Canal Skateway, Ottawa

Ottawa Snowstorm 2016

Rivermead Golf Course, Gatineau, Quebec

Gatineau Park, Quebec

Gatineau Park, Quebec

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