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Many people have told me that they’re not sure that traveling with their mom is a good idea.  They’re worried that too much togetherness might lead to family friction, or that their moms won’t or can’t do the things they want to do.

My view?  Don’t worry.  Go now.  Don’t have any regrets.

When I graduated from law school, my Mom proposed a Caribbean cruise to celebrate.  We had such a good time, we went four years in a row.

I lost my Mom two years ago, but some of my best memories are of our travels together.

So, what are you waiting for?  Here’s why you should travel with your mom now.

She deserves to be pampered

Chateau Laurier High Tea

Your Mom gave birth to you, wiped your bum, and continued to put up with your crap for the rest of your childhood and beyond.  I have no idea how my Mom managed everything on top of her job as a neonatal nurse. 

Moms are real-life superheroes.  They deserve to be pampered, and not just on one day per year.

You’ll have fun

St. Kitts

All-inclusive resorts or cruises are ideal for vacationing with your Mom.  If there are activities that don’t suit both of you, no problem – – one goes scuba-diving and one relaxes at the pool.  You don’t have to spend every minute together.

But you should enjoy some special experiences with her.  You grew up in the same family – – chances are you’re going to like some of the same things. 

My Mom and I always enjoyed the beach, or exploring in nature.  One of the most fantastic experiences we shared was horseback riding on a deserted beach in St. Kitts, with Atlantic waves crashing at the hooves of our horses.  It was like a movie scene.   The photo quality isn’t great, but the experience will be etched in my memory forever.    She talked about it for years, and, even when her memory was failing her, she could always remember the name of her horse.

She’s your biggest supporter

Regent Cruise 1991

You won’t find anyone who will support you more than your Mom.

Now, if she’s anything like my Mom, that could mean that, on a daily basis, she’ll violate the rule against taking bathing suit photos, because she thinks you look great.  My Mom proudly insisted on telling people, at the very first opportunity, that her daughter was a lawyer who worked for the federal Government.  I had to tell her that these are not really qualities that people find endearing.

She also had a habit of corralling a fellow she thought was cute and making me pose for a picture with him.  Sometimes, she got it right (even though my makeup in this photo is so wrong).

You’ll learn new things about her

Mom in Hawaii

My Mom had a real sense of adventure and was more fun than I’ll ever be.  I always knew she had a Lucille Ball-style sense of humour, but there was one trip, in particular, where I discovered how funny she could be.

When she saw the signs for an upcoming hat contest, she turned to me, almost surreptitiously, and said “I know how to win that.”

She was going to make a hat called, “Safe Sex”.  It involved a pair of men’s underwear, a weiner and a balloon.  We shopped for the items in St. Thomas that day, but collapsed into fits of laughter when room service had trouble understanding our order for one raw weiner.  We were in hysterics when a plate of six weiners arrived, artfully displayed and decorated with parsley.

I wasn’t sure she would have the nerve to wear it (or that I would have the nerve to go with her).  We both did, and she won, hands down. 

My hat’s off to her.

You’ll make memories

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

This year, I went back to this beach in Maracas Bay, Trinidad – – a place where my Mom and I spent a glorious day together.  I don’t remember much about what we talked about that day, but we revelled in the fact that we had that beach all to ourselves.

That’s my number one reason to travel with your Mom.  You’ll make memories that you’ll both treasure for a life time.


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